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Are you looking for information about a **TWX*Maxim** charge on a charge card statement? Here are some answers.

_“TWX Maxim”_ or _”TWX Maxim Magazine”_ is a credit card reference code number used by TWX Magazine, an organization that administrates magazine subscriptions for customer clubs and discount loyalty clubs.

Airline customer loyalty clubs, department store clubs and other companies often partner with TWX Magazine so that they can offer their club members magazine discount offers.

TWX Maxim Credit Statement Contact Info

Usually, there is a free subscription period to try out a magazine title. After one has tried out the magazine for a few months, one may opt out of the subscription, or do nothing and continue receiving issues, at which time the subscription cost will be billed directly to the credit card associated with the membership account through which the offer was made.

TWX Magazine mails a postcard notification just prior to the end of the trial period, alerting one that they must opt out of receiving the magazines or else the agreed upon subscription fee will be charged. Sometimes, the cards can be missed in the mail if one is not careful.
TWX Magazines aims to give satisfactory service to customers, so if a change needs to be made to the address and billing information, or if one desires to cancel a “TWX Maxim” subscription order, please visit our information pages and contact us:

        TWX Magazine Website
        TWX Contact Information

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Magazine Rewards Center is a Magazine Outlet for a number of different rewards programs.

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